Learning to Blog

I guess you could say that I have a desk stacked full of papers. Some of those piles are at the tipping point, waiting for the slightest bump to my desk. It's like that up in my brain. If I can just hold my breath long enough and slowly step away, I will be o.k.. The truth of the matter is the ever whirling cyclone of papers, I have learned, need to be pulled out one at a time and pinned. I need a physical reference point. I need a virtual path to take. Steps one at a time a day or perhaps three. Then, the most crucial, how did I ever miss this in my life, two-do is to schedule the task. What ever it is. Schedule it | Do it | Check it off. Oh and I don't forget to give myself a satisfied smile and pat on the back. Job well done! This ends my first entry. Chuckles*

Note to self* I can't seem to get this picture replaced. Task for another day, Call Tech Support!

Getting Connected

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