Growing My Blog Community

Where do I find you? The VIP, over used I know, who thinks I am a person of Interest? Once I find you, will I be able to keep you encouraged, informed, entertained enough to keep you reading and engage you to the place of having a true readership relationship? I have a lot to learn.

I can ask my friends and family to join, but I want true readers. Off the top of my head, I can invite all of my followers from my Instagram | Face Book | Twitter, Tag them all! In the mean time, I will keep building my site and gaining enough knowledge to have you click on me. Which ultimately may be my YouTube Channel! As there are only so many hours in the day. I will decide between this site or linking the "Blog" to Instagram or YouTube. I can even set two links up for those who prefer to read and for those who prefer to watch! Blog< | >Vlog

Note to Self* Nice Job!

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