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When it comes to page design, I have discovered that website builders typically have the framework handled through their drag and drop layout features. Which then gives me the freedom to create the look and feel of my site.

Goal | How will I Capture the Eye and Mind of my Reader?

Communicate The Three C's Plus

Content | Color | Clean design and well chosen, fast loading images. These choices are difficult for me to make as I am a "cake and eat it too" person. As a Creator, I need flexible options. I need to see all possibilities. I need a place to cultivate my own uniqueness! What makes me unique? How, where do I cultivate it? Hears the whispering roar of my inner voice...Pinterest. Ooo that is the ultimate resource of all things designer. A suck zone, time eating addiction, that I have never regretted visiting, even if it was for days.

Is there such a thing as too much? No. Give me my "Happy Place", where I can play with all the crayons in my box and yes I will check out your box too.

Bonus, when searching out color theory, I came across this link that I'm calling

the Canva Palette Generator.

Note to self* | Keep It Simple | Check out further

Design Elements | Harmonious Color | Graphical Design | Power Images from the Chosen Color Palette | Quick Read Content

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