Fascination | The State of Feeling an Intense Interest for


The Natural World | Architecture | Technology 

Sociology | Anthropological Philosophy 

Sound | Color Faith 


I am not in the flow of Words. They are difficult disjointed thoughts that when stringing them together create all sorts of delete delete delete delete. Pause

Fulfillment and Joy is to express my feelings, questions

and observations conceptually through the lens in film 

in pixels. With the brush, in color or the lack there of.

In music, sound and vibration. Dimension

Here, I am unbound. Here, I find my voice.

I explore. I connect. 

Story Telling in Abstraction | Realism | Impressionism 

I  am not comfortable between what my eye sees and what my hands paint.


However, there is

satisfaction in the perfection

of the image taken.

Contentment in the impressions made through mark and medium.