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Phoenix Arizona, USA


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To all the Lovelies who Bring my Imagination To Life

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Boudoir Photography?


What You Can Expect

    Yes, Oh Yes!

I'm shy. I don't know if I can get comfortable.

    I'll share with you a little secret. Everyone comes in a little shy and leaves bubbly, full of confidence with zero regrets!

Do I have to get Naked?

    Nope!  However, you might find you enjoy the little bit of      Naughtiness in the privacy and safety of my Studio.


Is Hair and Make Up Part of Your Service?

    Yes, a Stylist(s) Just for You!

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Investing In Yourself?


What a Crazy Idea


You're So Worth It!


Boudoir session is a luxury photo experience done in a bedroom setting to enhance the feeling of romance and richness. It is more than a photoshoot in lingerie, it is a reminder that you are courageous and strong. For most people, having their photos taken half-naked is most certainly overcoming a huge fear!




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Get In Touch!

  To start the process of booking your Boudoir Experience, please fill out the contact form below and I will be in touch via email within 48 hours. Please check your spam folder in your email.

I am excited to connect with you! Talk Soon!




How much does it cost & what is included?

  • Your session fee covers the entire experience from the pre-planning, day of hair & makeup & the photo shoot itself as well as styling advice & everything in between! Images & products are purchased separately & you only buy what you love. Pricing on products & collections I offer is discussed prior to your photo shoot!

How many photos are included & can I purchase more than what’s included?

  • During your reveal & ordering session, we will view anywhere between 50-70 images! Depending on the collection you choose, you will select your favorite images to purchase. Upgrading your collection or purchasing additional digital images is always an available option! Most clients have a hard time choosing & end up upgrading their collection or purchasing additional digital images!

Do you offer payment plans for session fees & products?

  • Yes! When you are ready to book, your session fee can be split up into 2 payments of $250. Your initial payment acts as a non-refundable retainer to secure your date at as well as our hair & makeup stylist(s). Pre-payment plan options are also available for purchasing collections & products. For more information on different payment plan options, please click here to fill out my contact form so that I can contact you directly & go over all of the details!

What should I wear? what if I am not comfortable wearing lingerie?

  • Not to worry! I know exactly where we can go shopping! Boudoir is not always about getting out of your clothes into Lingerie or Naked on a rug. This shoot is all about your energy, inner and outer beauty. which can also be captured with your clothes on or in various stages of undress.  We will explore what direction you would like to take during your pre-shoot consult. I GOT YOU!! I have a client closet that includes different styles, in varying sizes, of lingerie & accessories that you can choose from! In addition to the boudoir posing Pinterest board, I have also created one to help get some inspiration outfits, hair, makeup, jewelry, THE WORKS! I also have a preferred list of lingerie designers with varying price ranges that will fit your budget no matter what it is & will send that via email upon request! To view the Pinterest board for look inspiration please click HERE!

Is hair & makeup included?

  • YES! It's not an experience without the whole 9 yards! I work with some of the best stylists in the Phoenix area. Prior to your shoot, you will sit with them at the studio & experience ALL OF THE PAMPERING!

I don’t have a clue about Posing;  Will you direct me?

  • ABSOLUTELY! That is what I am here for. To show you and direct you to pose in positions that you are MOST COMFORTABLE posing in.  I also recommend for my clients to check out my Pinterest Posing Boards for inspiration prior to their sessions. If you come across a ‘WOW’ pose that you absolutely MUST HAVE, send it my way so that I can make sure that the pose is included during your shoot! You can even get in front of a mirror & practice those poses beforehand to find those "Oh so Perfect" angles! Check out my Boudoir Posing Inspiration Boards by clicking Here!

I have areas that I am self-conscious about; Do you edit my photos?

  • While blemish removal & skin retouching are a part of my editing process, my editing could be considered minimal. My goal is NOT to change how you look but to enhance the natural beauty that is your own! As you will see in my portfolio, skin is not completely smoothed out to where it looks ‘doll like’ or ‘unrealistic’. We all have pores, scars, birthmarks & beauty marks; those are things that make us individually & beautifully UNIQUE. I never want to take away from YOUR UNIQUENESS! When it comes to body reshaping, that is an absolute NO, however, lingerie tends to create indentations in the skin, so those little areas will be taken care of! 

Will you be posting my photos on social media or your website?

  • Only if YOU give me written consent, will I post any of your photos online! Your privacy is my #1 PRIORITY. Once you are ready to book, I will include a model release form with your contract for you to review & sign. The model release gives me permission to use the images & behind the scenes footage from your shoot for marketing purposes on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, my website, & printing for my physical portfolio or sample products such as albums and wall art that are shown to new clients. Even if you choose to sign the model release, I will always contact you directly with the images I intend on sharing just to make sure you are comfortable with the specific image(s) I have selected. Plus, I have some pretty great incentives if you do decide to sign a model release! Make sure to ask about those incentives during your pre-planning consult!

How long does it take after the photo shoot to receive my images/products & how will I receive them?

  • Your soft proofed gallery will be revealed to you, in person, the same day as your photo shoot! This is where we will go over everything together & you will choose the images that are included with the collection you purchase! Due to the custom nature of each order, products such as albums, wall art & print boxes, we need to allow up to 21 business days for production & an additional 5 business days for shipping! 

I’m nervous! Can I bring a friend with me to the shoot?

  • YES of course!  I want YOU to be comfortable & enjoy every moment of your experience & if that means bringing your best friend along for the ride for some additional words of encouragement or if it just makes you feel better knowing you’ve got a familiar face in the room, by all means bring them along!  So YES, Please feel free! *Please make outside arrangements for your children's care. Thank You!

Do you offer boudoir photo shoots with couples?

  • I do offer couples boudoir sessions & actually encourage it! I can’t even begin to express the sentiment that a couple’s boudoir session gives you. The everlasting, raw & intimate moments with your partner are something to celebrate & commemorate forever!

Are you LGBTQ+ Friendly?

  • This is a discrimination free zone! We don’t have time for that over here… no matter who you are, how you identify, your race or gender.  I want to be apart of your story and the celebration of who YOU are!

Do you travel?

  • All of my photo shoots are done at my Home Studio in Sun City West.  For travel outside of the Phoenix area, there is a charge of $0.95 per mile round trip. If you are out of state looking to book me, please contact me via email or by phone to discuss travel arrangements.

  • Future plans for Boudoir Travel Destination Shoots are in the works! Catch all the details and updates in My FaceBook Group!

Do you Arrange Boudoir sessions at a Hotel or a Resort? 

   •  Yes, of course.  Curated Services Available. Inquire during your Consultation.

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